Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology

Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology. Academic building surrounded by trees.

Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology welcomes the opportunity that this project allows for them to enrich their capacity to develop a more penetrating understanding of the unity of the world in conjunction with the light of faith. They recognize that better integration of science in their core courses will better enable their community to envision creation as a meaningful whole, in its interconnectivity with human life, and to communicate, in our mission in the world, a surer understanding of the unique and central bearing of salvation history on all of human and cosmic existence.

Saint Meinrad is thus entitling their project “The Gospel of Jesus Christ in Big History,” recognizing the importance of the topic of “big history” as brought to the fore by David Christian and taken up in theology by John Haught and others. Theologians who have engaged in this topic have shown an admirable grasp of the need to develop an integrated cosmological vision in conjunction with the Christian Mystery. The two revised courses will be Theological Anthropology, which will incorporate evolutionary biology and paleontology, and Metaphysics: Natural Theology, which will incorporate evolutionary biology. The primary campus-wide science event will be a two-day conference of three plenary lectures covering a wide array of sciences, from cosmology to evolution.

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In furtherance of the AAAS mission of advancing science in service to society, AAAS|DoSER’s role in the Science for Seminaries project is to support efforts to integrate science into seminary education. AAAS|DoSER does not advise on or endorse the theological content of the participating seminaries.