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Science for Seminaries is a project of the AAAS Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion (DoSER) program, in consultation with the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). The project helps a diverse group of seminaries integrate science into their core curricula.

As of August 13, 2019, Science for Seminaries is now accepting Letters of Interest for Seminaries that wish to be included in the 2020 Cohort! We will accept LOIs until October 1. Click here to apply!

Looking for Teaching Resources?

1. Science: The Wide Angle Video Series

The Science for Seminaries project is dedicated to supplied pedagogical resources to help seminaries and theological schools bring world-class science into the classroom.  First, AAAS, in collaboration with Fourth Line Films, has produced an exciting series of films to spark classroom discussion of forefront science topics, called “Science: The Wide Angle.”  Click here to find out more and view the full set of films!




2. Curriculum Resources

Second, curricular resources from the Science for Seminaries project have been developed by partner institutions who have previously participated in the Science for Seminaries project.  Project resources are searchable by topic, resource type, seminary, and core curriculum area.  Search the syllabi here!

Featured News

  • AAR Spotlight on Theological Education

    In this edition of Spotlight, Dr. Scott Alexander presents five essays focused around the Science for Seminaries project. These five insightful essays embody the rich and multifaceted nature of the conversation that took place last November at AAR Annual Meeting. The first two are by Curtis Baxter of AAAS/DoSER and Deborah Gin of ATS. What both of these essays have in common is the relative altitude of their perspectives. Both Curtis and Deborah give us a bird’s-eye view of the initiative from the perspective of the two national sponsoring organizations. Curtis provides a concise summary of the vision behind the Science for Seminaries initiative, an informative overview of its national scope, and an invitation to readers who may be interested in participating. Deborah’s piece is an ideal complement. Among other things, Deborah deftly summarizes and synthesizes the data ATS collected from graduating student questionnaires, revealing not only key aspects of the initiative’s impact on students, but also raising vitally important questions of pedagogical ethics. These two essays are followed by perspectives from three faculty, MT Davila, Paul Metzger, and Fred Ware, each of whom helped lead a Science for Seminaries initiative at their home institutions and each of whom teaches at one of three distinct types of graduate schools of theology and ministry!


  • Science for Seminaries Spring 2019 Newsletter

    We are pleased to welcome nine new seminaries as participants in the Science for Seminaries project, organized by AAAS DoSER in partnership with the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). In all, AAAS will select 32 seminaries to carry out 18-month projects and prepare future faith leaders to engage their congregants in dialogues on science and technology issues….


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In furtherance of the AAAS mission of advancing science in service to society, AAAS|DoSER’s role in the Science for Seminaries project is to support efforts to integrate science into seminary education. AAAS|DoSER does not advise on or endorse the theological content of the participating seminaries.