Theology II

This course, taught by Ross Hastings at Regent College, will take up the Christian doctrinal themes of Soteriology, Pneumatology, Ecclesiology, and Eschatology in a description of the accomplishment, application and actualization of redemption. It is concerned with showing the relevance and process of redemption in the present context and pointing forward to the completion of redemption at the eschaton. It will be shown that Salvation is accomplished in the work of Christ, realized in the sanctifying work of the Hoy Spirit in the Church, and completed in return of Christ as sovereign Lord.

  • Course Categories: General Theology
  • Science Topics: Physics and Cosmos
  • Seminaries: Regent College
  • Syllabus: Theology II
  • Tags:
    astrophysics, big bang, origins of the universe, theology of science

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