Philosophy of Religion

Course Description

This course, taught by Frederick L. Ware at Howard University School of Divinity, is an introduction to the discipline and method of philosophy and the relationship of philosophy to the study of religion. Through a reading of classical and contemporary sources, the course examines definitions of religion and issues such as God’s existence, attributes, and relationship to and action in the physical world, the nature and significance of religious experience and its potential as a medium for truth and knowledge, the problem of evil, humans as persons having minds and souls, life after death, the relation of religion to morality, and the relationship of religion to science.

  • Course Categories: General Theology
  • Science Topics: History & Philosophy of Science, Life Sciences, Neuroscience, Brain, & Mind, Physics and Cosmos
  • Seminaries: Howard University School of Divinity
  • Syllabus: Philosophy of Religion
  • Tags:
    neuroscience, cosmology, Doctrine of Creation, Philosophy of Religion, genetic editing, epistemology, mainline protestant, history and philosophy of science

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