M.Div. Review

This course, taught by Russell Haitch at Bethany Theological Seminary, is the culmination of the M.Div. curriculum. It challenges students to pull together prior course work and ministry formation with a view toward future learning and ministry. Particular topics change from year to year, but four ongoing goals are perennial. The course is designed to help students to (a) integrate and (b) interpret prior and ongoing learning, while using various theories and demonstrating awareness of various contexts. The course also asks students to (c) communicate prior and ongoing learning in ways that are effective (i.e., clear, precise, persuasive, beautiful, etc.). Finally, the course invites students to (d) anticipate their future life, learning, and ministry, and to demonstrate this forward-looking view in their written and oral work.

  • Course Categories: Pastoral Theology
  • Science Topics: Life Sciences
  • Seminaries: Bethany Theological Seminary
  • Syllabus: M.Div. Review
  • Tags:
    human nature, genetic editing, human dignity, CRISPR

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