Lutheran Ethics

This course, taught by Craig Nessan at Wartburg Theological Seminary, examines the field of Christian ethics, paying attention to distinctively Lutheran themes. Presentations and readings examine how Lutheran theology shapes ethical reflection for the church in mission. How do the Word of God, law and gospel, sacraments, liturgy, reason, science, theology of the cross, Christian freedom, vocation, and two kingdoms teaching inform ethical deliberation? Analysis of ELCA social statements and case studies provide the basis for articulating ethical method. Special attention is given to role of science in making ethical arguments. We will consider how to give leadership so that congregations become communities of moral deliberation.

  • Course Categories: Ethics
  • Science Topics: History & Philosophy of Science
  • Seminaries: Wartburg Theological Seminary
  • Syllabus: Lutheran Ethics
  • Tags:
    genetics, scientific method, theology and science, scientific process, healthcare

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