Introduction to Theological Reflection

This course, taught by Nate Inglis at Bethany Theological Seminary, introduces theology as a practice of creative and critical reflection on humanity, the world, God, and Jesus from a faith perspective. In this class, perennial theological themes are placed in dialogue with insights from the natural sciences and current social justice issues that challenge Christian communities today. By connecting the theological tradition with science and social justice, students consider how to reflect on and express faith in an informed dialogue with other fields of study that are essential to a holistic understanding of our world today.

  • Course Categories: General Theology
  • Science Topics: Earth Science & Environment, History & Philosophy of Science, Life Sciences, Physics and Cosmos
  • Seminaries: Bethany Theological Seminary
  • Syllabus: Introduction to Theological Reflection Syllabus
  • Tags:
    history of science, human nature, theology, cosmology, ecology, social and racial justice, gender and feminism

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