Introduction to the Hebrew Bible

This course, taught by John Ahn at Howard University School of Divinity, has 5 learning outcomes: (1) to ascertain and articulate a working knowledge of the contents of the Hebrew Bible (2) to demonstrate knowledge of the cultural and religious development of ancient Israel (3) to analyze classical and especially contemporary approaches to interpreting the HB, (4) to demonstrate and exegete the HB/OT illuminating liberative and oppressive aspects of texts in light of African and African American faith communities and traditions, and (5) to be introduced to paleoclimatology and application to the Hebrew Bible study.

  • Course Categories: Biblical Studies
  • Science Topics: Earth Science & Environment
  • Seminaries: Howard University School of Divinity
  • Syllabus: Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
  • Tags:
    climate change, paleoclimatology, Hebrew Bible, science and religion, mainline protestant, biblical studies

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