Introduction to Christian Theology

This course, taught by Anna Case-Winters and Linda Eastwood at McCormick Theological Seminary, is an introduction to Christian theology. The approach to theological inquiry is constructive, contextual, cross-cultural, conversational, and ecumenical. Attention is given to understanding basic church teachings (God, creation, humanity, Christ, Spirit, ‘last things’) in connection with contemporary issues affecting church and society. Plenary presentations and responses, small group discussion, reading, writing, and critical thinking with key texts, writing and revising a statement of faith, researching and writing a semester paper, and other special projects are included. Course materials and assignments will be posted in Moodle. Note: This course is being taught in both Spanish and English.

  • Course Categories: General Theology
  • Science Topics: Earth Science & Environment
  • Seminaries: McCormick Theological Seminary
  • Syllabus: Introduction to Christian Theology
  • Tags:
    creationism, cosmology, biotechnology, ecology, human enhancement

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