Christian Theology & World Religions

Course Description

The course, taught by Paul Louis Metzger at Multnomah Biblical Seminary, serves as an introduction to and examination of prominent religions of the world and alternative spiritual paths, and how each relate to different topics and contexts within the scientific age. Consideration will also be given to the theme of religious pluralism in our post-Christendom global context. The course reflects upon various worldviews against the backdrop of foundational relational motifs and values, and considers the significance of hospitality and neighborliness for effective ministry in our contemporary society.

  • Course Categories: General Theology
  • Science Topics: History & Philosophy of Science
  • Seminaries: Multnomah Biblical Seminary
  • Syllabus: Christian Theology & World Religions
  • Tags:
    history of science, philosophy, Pluralism, Christian theology, hospitality, evangelical, conservative protestant, christian theology and world religions

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