Christian Ethics

This course, taught by Steve McCormick at Nazarene Theological Seminary, intends to show how Christian virtue arises materially from the theological/doctrinal convictions of the Christian faith. This course will show how philosophical ethics has helped to define theological ethics, but it will also show that the Christian virtues are more fully understood and practiced in light of the faith claims of the Church. Therefore, this course will argue that Christian doctrine and Christian virtue need to be understood together in Christian ethics. This course will assist in learning how to ‘formulate’ and ‘implement’ ethical norms within the Christian faith. This course will show how the Church has and should engage major moral/ethical concerns within the context of its witness of faith in the world and will explore a range of possible issues such as human sexuality, bioethics, justice, and war.

  • Course Categories: Ethics
  • Science Topics: Neuroscience, Brain, & Mind
  • Seminaries: Nazarene Theological Seminary
  • Syllabus: Christian Ethics Syllabus
  • Tags:
    neuroscience, philosophy, neuroethics

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