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Our project will support ongoing and new faculty efforts (A) to integrate the scientific study of trauma, evolutionary biology, and other related scientific disciplines into at least three required courses in biblical studies and pastoral care and (B) to organize a series of campus-wide events, including one all-day event, to deepen student and faculty capacity to engage and utilize the scientific study of trauma in ministerial contexts. The goals of the integration are threefold: (1) students will be able to appreciate and engage scientific disciplines, not only as challenges to theological traditions, but as tools for illuminating and deepening the theological study of Scripture and of human psychology and behavior; (2) students will be able to engage, participate, and lead wider cultural discussions concerning religion and science; and (3) students will be more scientifically literate interpreters of Scripture and practitioners of pastoral care.

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Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament 2

An introduction to the literature and thought of the Hebrew Bible, considered in the light of the historical contexts of its formation and its ongoing theological importance to the life and faith of the Church. The course, taught by Paul K.-K. Cho at Wesley Theological Seminary, is the second part of a year-long sequence and…
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