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The Science for Seminaries grant will provide the resources and contacts to provide a far greater range of students with access to cutting-edge work in the sciences, matched by robust theological reflection. Regent College will revise three courses to include the topics of genetics and Genesis; quantum physics and coinherence; methodology in science and theology; chemical evolution and divine providence; personhood, technology, and transhumanism; cognitive science of religion; and mental health and addiction.

For the campus-wide event, we plan to host a world-class speaker on the intersection of science and the Christian faith in the winter term of 2021. We plan to use this opportunity to strengthen our tie with BioLogos. This will introduce students to a network of resources that they can draw on throughout their ministries and Christian lives.

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Christian Thought and Culture II

This course, taught by Iain Provan at Regent College, and its partner, CTC I, are organized around the theme of "story." What does it mean to live out the Christian Story comprehensively and with integrity in the midst of cultures shaped to some or a great extent by counter-stories? What does it mean, in the…
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