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The PTS project will involve integrating science into the required courses Pentecostal Exploration of the Old Testament and Introduction to the Christian Doctrine with the focus given to the theme of “flourishing humanity”. In attending to the theme, the project will explore the theological notion of the “image of God” with which, according to the Scriptures, humanity was created. Beyond exploring “the image of God,” in humanity, both biblically and theologically, the project also envisions a similar discussion on the “holistic” vision of humanity in the area of counseling studies—especially, the issues of clinical mental health and psychopharmacology.

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Introduction to Christian Doctrine

This course, taught by David Han and Tony Richie at Pentecostal Theological Seminary, seeks to bring about a holistic doctrinal formation for those whose faith tradition and spiritual practices fall within the classical Pentecostal tradition. As an introductory course in doctrinal formation, the course does not necessarily expect that students will bring into classroom learning…
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