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Evangelical Christianity has often experienced a difficult relationship with the contemporary sciences. Ironically, the Evangelical movement has benefited greatly over the decades in various ways from implementing scientific and technological advances in communication and media for gospel proclamation. Given the widespread Evangelical conviction that all truth is God’s truth as centered in Christ and Christian scripture, it is incumbent upon Evangelical educational institutions to extend the interface of faith and science to other spheres. At its home in the Pacific Northwest, Multnomah Biblical Seminary serves numerous thriving Evangelical churches that draw people from diverse backgrounds and vocations, including the sciences. All too often, these parishioners feel like they live in two universes—one of faith and one of science. Through the generous Science for Seminaries grant, Multnomah will equip its students as pastoral leaders to integrate faith and science in service to their members, their vocations, and the communities they serve.

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Christian Theology & World Religions

Course Description The course, taught by Paul Louis Metzger at Multnomah Biblical Seminary, serves as an introduction to and examination of prominent religions of the world and alternative spiritual paths, and how each relate to different topics and contexts within the scientific age. Consideration will also be given to the theme of religious pluralism in…
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