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Knox Theological Seminary is advancing the integration of science into the core curriculum through three primary efforts. First, the full faculty of the seminary participated in a science-focused, experiential retreat covering the diverse ecosystems of South Florida led by science advisor Tom Chesnes, chair of the Department of Biology at Palm Beach Atlantic University. This retreat lasted three days and included instructional time on ecosystems and biodiversity on site in the Everglades, the seagrass flats of Florida Bay, and the coral reefs of the Florida Keys. Second, and currently, the faculty are revising the contents of three core classes: Old Testament I, Church History II, and Systematic Theology I. New topics will address issues of neuroscience, cosmology, ecology/biodiversity, the history of evolution and Christian response, the theories of relativity, and quantum mechanics. In addition, a new course, History of Science, has been added to the required core for the Master of Arts in Classical and Christian Studies and will be taught in the winter of 2020. Finally, the seminary hosted a one-day symposium on February 1, 2020, on “Science and Christian Faith: Past, Present, and Future.” This campus-wide event was designed to provide attendees with a foundation in both a theological and historical foundation for understanding interactions between Christianity and science, as well as to anticipate future areas of likely controversy and the potential responses (good and bad) in the church.

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Church History II

This course, taught by Josh Bruce at Knox Theological Seminary, is the second of two courses in church history in which we will examine some of the most significant moments in the church during the Reformation and its aftermath up to the present. Beginning with the culmination of factors that provoked the Reformation, we will…
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