Hood Theological Seminary

Hood Theological Seminary created the International Center for Faith, Science and History (ICFSH) as an international platform to address increasing secularization, isolation and despair of individuals within postmodern North American society. The grant deliverables include the revision of two required courses at Hood, one international immersion course at Trinity Theological Seminary in Accra/Legon, Ghana, a podcast, a science summer camp for the surrounding Hood community, and two campus events. The thought leader of the ICFSH is Dr. Charles H. Long, esteemed professor emeritus and historian of religion. Dr. Long has challenged the ICFSH to engage in a project that analyzes the integration of religion and science within the praxis and belief of African diasporic religions in the Americas. To this end, the ICFSH has acquired mutual collaborative support from the United Theological College of the West Indies (UTCWI) in Kingston, Jamaica. The center organizes strategic engagement for seminarians, community members, religious scholars, and scientists with innovative scientific education within theological educational courses and sponsored events. International dialogue occurs through collaboration with sister institutions of theological education committed to the integration of science and religion. The ICFSH podcast is available on Anchor and Spotify and has episodes that feature Dr. Long and local scientists. It is connecting with future guests who are scientists and religious leaders/scholars around the nation and world. Some topics of interest featured on the episodes of the podcast include origins science, the cosmos, aeronautics, the nature of humanity, biomedical engineering and emerging technology that is transforming healthcare options, and well-being.

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History of Christianity in the United States

This course, taught by Sharon J. Grant at Hood Theological Seminary, will be structured to understand the distinction and forms of Christianity in the United States of America. We will study how Christianity has developed in the diverse sociohistorical contexts throughout the expansionist project of North America. We will have dialogue and assignments to assess…
  • Course Categories: Church History
  • Science Topics: History & Philosophy of Science
  • Seminaries: Hood Theological Seminary
  • Ecclesial Families: Mainline Protestant, Evangelical/Conservative Protestant
  • Syllabus: History of Christianity in the United States
  • Tags: history of science, science and religion, eugenics

Teaching and Learning in Educational Ministry

This course, taught by Mary A. Love at Hood Theological Seminary, is an exploration of the processes involved in facilitating effective teaching and learning, especially as it impacts spiritual growth. It includes explorations of neuroscience, educational theories, neuromyths, and Jesus- the Master Teacher for the purpose of gaining information to improve the teaching ministry within…
  • Course Categories: Pastoral Theology
  • Science Topics: Neuroscience, Brain, & Mind
  • Seminaries: Hood Theological Seminary
  • Ecclesial Families: Mainline Protestant, Evangelical/Conservative Protestant
  • Syllabus: Teaching and Learning in Educational Ministry
  • Tags: neuroscience, memory, cognition, learning, teaching
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In furtherance of the AAAS mission of advancing science in service to society, AAAS|DoSER’s role in the Science for Seminaries project is to support efforts to integrate science into seminary education. AAAS|DoSER does not advise on or endorse the theological content of the participating seminaries.