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First, we are incorporating science into a number of courses in our core curriculum. The first of these is Texts and Traditions 3, a historical theology course on the modern period in which we are discussing the rise of science and its influence upon the development of theological thought in the period since the Enlightenment. The second course is Constructive Theology, a systematic theology capstone in which we are examining comparisons of method in science and theology and different approaches to their interaction, along with ways that findings in science impact how theologians think about creation. We also are exploring material questions, including those surrounding human origins and human relations to other forms of life; the human person and questions pertaining to topics in theological anthropology like the human soul and mind and who we are as embodied persons; and providence, miracles, and the question of divine action in the world in light scientific understandings of the universe. The final course is Introduction to Pastoral Care. This course is examining issues pertaining to mental illness and neuroscience and how these matters impact the practice of pastoral care.

The second primary element of the grant is ongoing: we are planning for a large conference event to take place February 24-25 for students, ministers, and other interested laypersons. Information can be found at:

The third and final element was a student essay/sermon contest, in which 12 students were selected on January 10, 2020 to attend the American Scientific Affiliation conference in San Diego in July 2020. All their expenses will be covered, and cash prizes will be given to the top three entries.

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Constructive Theology

This course, taught by Kimlyn J. Bender and Roger E. Olson at George W. Truett Theological Seminary, is the culminating course following the Christian Texts & Traditions sequence covering central themes of Christian systematic theology using the materials of students’ studies (viz., biblical and theological). The course may focus on a central, unifying theme but…
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