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The Catholic University of America School of Theology and Religious Studies will develop science content to be incorporated into its M. Div. curriculum. The intention is to create a scientific conversation across a broad set of courses, both core curriculum and electives, that will help develop seminarians who can address scientific questions and issues as they begin their pastoral ministry. The school’s existing curriculum offers opportunities to explore astronomy, cosmology, biology, psychology, neuroscience, mental health and cognitive science, and the history of science in relation to church history. Its lead faculty, Msgr. Kevin Irwin and Professors David Bosworth and Robert Miller, will work on integrating scientific content in core curriculum as well as electives. They will also serve as coaches to other faculty as part of a school-based Science in the Curriculum team, with the responsibility of creating an environment in the school where science topics are explored and pedagogical opportunities are realized. Scientific mentors, both recommended by AAAS and recruited from its own faculty and from nationally recognized science organizations, will provide guidance and support through this initiative.

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The Spirituality of the Psalms

Course Description This course, taught by David Bosworth at the Catholic University of America, is a study of the Psalms including close attention to selected psalms and the structure of the Psalter as a whole. It also involves examination of the interpretation and use of psalms in worship and liturgy.
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