Wake Forest University School of Divinity

Wake Forest University School of Divinity (WFUSD) has been a leader in the interdisciplinary approach to theological education. Guided by the university motto, Pro Humanitate (“For Humanity”) and the theological vision of serving the wider world, WFUSD has made strenuous efforts to create an ideal learning environment for the education of future religious leaders to meet the challenges of the 21st century. The school currently offers several dual degree programs (MDiv/JD, MDiv/MA in Bioethics, MDiv/MA in Counseling, MDiv/MA in Education, MDiv/MA in Sustainability) and is always looking for ways to broaden and enrich the experience of student learning. In this regard, the school’s new project, “Moving Science to the Forefront of Theological Education,” marks an important step forward in reshaping the core academic curriculum at WFUSD, as it seeks to promote a more informed and fruitful dialogue between science and religion. For this project, WFUSD faculty from three areas, bible, history, and theological ethics, will offer revised and new courses in collaboration with scientists. In addition, the project will create opportunities for public engagement beyond the classroom. WFUSD is truly excited to partner with AAAS for the shared goals of this project.

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In furtherance of the AAAS mission of advancing science in service to society, AAAS|DoSER’s role in the Science for Seminaries project is to support efforts to integrate science into seminary education. AAAS|DoSER does not advise on or endorse the theological content of the participating seminaries.